What’s the purpose? What’s my purpose? Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you have, you’re not alone. Over hundreds of thousands of people ask themselves this question every month. Why? Because they are seeking to find a higher meaning and purpose to give their life to. In this day and age, people are seeking for meaning in their life like never before. Facebook has replaced face to face interaction, and social media, in general, makes us less social. Our tablets, smartphones, and computers keep our mind restlessly seeking for updates, comfort, and purpose while they suck us into their colorful abyss. One thing is for certain; each person has a purpose eon their life yet it isn’t a guarantee but rather the purpose they can choose to live. In this blog, I am going to give away my four secrets to living a life of explosive purpose.

In our culture we want to give back, make a difference and an impact in our world and society but don’t know where to start, how to start or even understand how just one person can create change. We desire to have societal influence but where do we start? In our workplace many are pushed to the limits, some feeling used, manipulated, taken advantage of or even worthless. It’s not necessarily how they are treated but rather the passion and desire to find purpose in their work. Maybe they feel disconnected to the purpose of the company, but mainly they are deeply moved to want to find purpose in what they do.

In our families, we contemplate and sometimes begrudge the idea of the next family gathering and wonder, “What’s the purpose?” Maybe we think, we always gather but it’s a mile wide and an inch deep. We want to feel connected to a family purpose and legacy that’s greater than the one our grandpa and grandma stood for. We want purpose for and in our family units. Lastly, in our quiet time, we reminisce on the meaning, legacy, and purpose of our life, often disappointed with the lack of direction or purpose we feel day to day. Many struggling with the highs and lows of life find it near impossible to live and create a life of meaning. We want to blame society, our jobs or boss, our family but in the end when we’re all alone all we have to blame is ourselves but what’s the solution? What’s the purpose?

I want to give you the four secrets and components that make up your purpose in life. It will be a key to living and enjoying life to its fullest. It will bring an awareness of the four key aspects of purpose and allow you to harness purpose in every arena of life. A purpose isn’t a single action, idea, thought or mode of life. It’s a multidimensional idea that creates a life of meaning, significance, and value. So here are the four components and why they matter for you to be able to experience and be a person of purpose.

1) Societal Purpose

This is an interesting one. So many don’t know their value or personal purpose so it is hard to define their societal purpose. This is how you add value to the world around you. Your societal purpose is why you exist. It’s how you make other people’s lives better. When you do this, all of a sudden your life becomes better. It’s where you find intrinsic and unique value within yourself. Your societal purpose is discovering what you’ve been given and stewarding it well.

Your societal purpose can be found in 7 different spheres of influence. It could be business, education, government, media, family, religion or arts and entertainment. There are many others you could make up and choose from, but you get the idea. The question is how do you add value to people’s lives? How do you help other people in your world? Where have you been given influence to make people’s lives better?

Let’s use an example. Let’s say your father ran a success business and built a great name for himself. He was connected in the car manufacturing industry and wanted to give you the business and have you build it up even higher. You can inherit your father’s societal influence by merely stewarding the gift he is giving. Your father is connected to a few mayors, large CEO’s, top tier manufacturing distribution outlets and the list goes on and on. Society is made better because your dad’s alive. He has 1,000 employees, four different large manufacturing buildings and one of the largest tax payers in the city. Because your dad is alive, he is providing jobs, empowering a city to grow, sustain and build new and healthy citizens and helping families thrive. So what area of society would you possibly be able to have a purpose in? Specifically, business and in stewarding the company your dad is giving you an opportunity in.

Interestingly enough, your societal purpose is created and derived when you choose to be the greatest version of yourself. You follow the favor where it takes you and the opportunity that is put in front of you. You can kick down doors to find your societal purpose and sometimes this is necessary based on your passions, desires and dream you feel in your life but more than likely it is created intentionally by how you steward today!

2) Occupational Purpose

This is about finding meaning and value in your daily work. If we want to live, eat, provide and satisfy our personal gratification or satisfaction in life, we have to work. So many work a job they hate. They want to blame their boss or their particular work by saying, “I just don’t like it anymore,” when in reality they see purpose as a destination rather than a discovery of who they really are. Becoming a person of purpose is the key to unlocking occupational purpose. Whenever I meet a very successful person in any industry or company I often notice a trend. They don’t see purpose as the fulfillment of one desire but rather the fulfillment of strong values that they live by. Here are a few:

  1. Work hard no matter what.
  2. Do the job as if you were the boss.
  3. Show up earlier than expected and stay later than expected.
  4. Put your heart into everything you do.
  5. Give your best, even if others are giving their worst.
  6. Don’t make excuses but rather take responsibility.
  7. Create a purposeful environment instead of seeing all the problems.

These are just a few of the principles that bring purpose into the work you’re doing. When you become a person of purpose, it won’t matter what you do as much as how you do it and who you choose to be while you do it. That is why successful people are much less concerned with “what” they do and much more concerned about who they do it with. They already know they have purpose in their life because they are the purpose in their work.

Most feel that their job is what brings purpose but it’s actually a derivative of their personal purpose and awareness of their potential and gifts in their life. Purpose is much more their mindset and their commitment to being and giving their best no matter what they do from a job standpoint.

Just because you find no joy, peace, enjoyment or passion in your work, does that mean you’ll never find your occupational purpose? NO, actually anytime there is tension in what you do usually tension is the very thing that can be pivoted to create purpose in your work. Embrace your occupational purpose as a mindset rather than a metric of what you do. It’s more in the method of who you are and see that your profession can easily be your purpose by living up to personal values you live by.

3) Family Purpose

This is such an important aspect of purpose. Your family purpose is to love, support and empower those closest to you. We call it family. Some don’t have a family or even extended family at all. Some call their friends their family but the concept of family isn’t a new thing; the purpose behind a family unit is. Is the purpose of family to simply gather? Is it for them to be there for each other or simply to make memories and find a place to belong? Is it to have fun together? I’d say YES, yet it can also be so much more.

The purpose of family is to create a brand and name that depicts the desired outcome your family would like to make on this world. It’s a set of values, vision, and direction your family is determined to live out. The only way to derive this purpose is to be the greatest version of yourself so those you love others into becoming the most awesome version of themselves.

The purpose of family is a place where everyone is accepted. Where love isn’t withheld because of disagreement. Where people are celebrated not because of their similarities but their differences. The purpose of family is to see others nearest to you win in life. It’s a hub of support, belief and love. It’s connectedness, a place to belong and most importantly a place of safety. It’s about the relationship, and it’s about the legacy you intend to leave through your unit and tribe that you call “family.” The purpose of family is to be something that those on the outside cannot “define.” The depth, power, and unity of a group of people who are sold out by love to see each other go far in life. Alone we can go fast, but together we far. That is family.

4) Personal Purpose

This is the foundation for our family, occupational and societal purpose. Think of a pyramid. Each level or layer is built on the foundation of your personal purpose and awareness of its meaning and value. When it comes to our personal purpose, we have to embrace the reality that we will always feel under-qualified for our purposed for. We will never deserve what we’re destined for. It is because our purpose is always greater than “us.” Our purpose isn’t just about us; it’s much more valuable than a narcissistic view of our growth, it’s about changing the world.

Defining our personal purpose can seem like such a theoretical, high in the sky process. This isn’t about finding your “life purpose,” but rather finding purpose in who you are today. It’s not about a method or metric but a mindset. Your personal purpose isn’t what you do but who you are and who you’ve chosen to be today. It isn’t a destination of success but a definition of significance. A personal purpose isn’t warped in this millennial idea of doing whatever you want but serving an idea of who you can be so you can be whatever you want in what you do. Your personal purpose isn’t just a grandiose vision of your future but a beautiful picture of the values that will get you and a tribe of others to that vision.

To truly know, visualize, articulate and embrace a life purpose statement or idea can sound daunting. To fully wrap our finite mind around an infinite concept like purpose can seem impossible. Your personal purpose was meant to be defined and refined over and over again in life. As you evolve as a human being into a better version of yourself, your personal purpose will grow with you.

Your personal purpose is simply the guiding emotion in your life. It’s the fuel to your engine to get up every day and give your best. Your personal purpose is founded and grounded in discovering, defining and refining life’s most challenging questions and topics. Your personal purpose is creating meaning and value in each step and phase of life.

So what’s the purpose? What’s your purpose? What’s the meaning and value behind all of this “purpose” talk? Well, it’s really all about the outcome.

The Outcome:

A new world. A better world. A better workplace environment. A better family. A new life. A better life. The outcome to bringing purpose into the center of our being is to find the meaning of each day. To remember that life isn’t just about money but meaning and memories. That life isn’t just about profit but people and promises we’ve made. That life isn’t just about promotion but purpose and progression. Purpose being us back to the center. It helps attract finances and keep our families intact. It helps us find success but be significant in society. It empowers us to grind in our jobs and occupation but gather and grow in our workplaces. It allows us to stretch for progression in our personal lives but celebrate progression each day. It will allow us to help others be their greatest version all while finding purpose on each day of their journey. The outcome is purpose for all people and in all things. It changes our mindset to live from purpose and not for it.

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