1. Your Purpose.

While your horoscope may claim to know your future, it won’t tell you your purpose in life. It doesn’t know the reason for your existence or why you were created. Horoscopes apply to everyone—your purpose was designed only for you. Most of us desire to find our purpose in our horoscope but only we can truly reveal and unveil our purpose. The question is do you know your purpose? 

2. Your Past.

Everything you’ve done in your life leading up to this moment has made you who you are today, right now. While your past actions don’t define you, they have brought you here. A great question to ask is “did my past define me or develop me?”  You’re better and stronger because of the battles you’ve fought. No horoscope can account for the storms you’ve walked through or help your rationalize the difficulty of your past, only knowing your purpose can. 

3. Your Flaws.

To quote Shakespeare, “The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves.” Even your mistakes are a part of you and should be embraced—they have made you the tougher and wiser person you are today. When we blame others or other circumstances for our faults, we learn nothing—and therefore, no growth. When we look at our flaws and scars as our story we see the purpose in our struggle. We see the “why,” the reason for our existence. So often we look to something or someone to tell us why instead of knowing and looking ourselves. 

4. Your Desires.

Your horoscope can guess at what your desires might be, but the stars can’t decide what you truly want from life. Don’t let your horoscope decide what you want for yourself today, dig deep, be willing to search for your inner self to find your meaning. Everything you need is inside you not outside of you. Those that try and sell program, ideas, hope, purpose or destiny as a connection to something outside of you are missing the reality that purpose isn’t in something it is someone. Purpose is your desire. Purpose is your passion. urpose is a person. Purpose is YOU.

5. Your Destiny.

Secret’s out—there’s no correlation between the stars and your future. I hope this doesn’t upset you yet inspire you to realize that 1,000s have found their destiny and future within their purpose. While reading your horoscope might be fun, don’t put any stock in its wisdom. The events that will eventually happen to you are a direct result of your own actions and circumstances—which means that yes, you do hold the reigns to your own future. You have full control over your destiny. How reassuring is that? No person or prediction can decide that for you. The future is in your hands.

We have created a life changing interactive learning program that allows you to not only write a strategic life plan, goals, a vision, missions and values for your life but also you will know beyond a doubt what your purpose is in life. The program is called “Pioneer Purpose.” We believe that all were meant to pioneer their purpose. That not everyone has a problem but everyone has a purpose and most of their problems are the lack of awareness of its purpose. The more problems you have actually the greater sense of purpose you will experience as you continue to overcome.

We believe in you. We believe that you have what it takes and would love to make you a part of our tribe. Sign up to receive amazing weekly emails from us and please subscribe to get our “how to write life changing goals” free e-course here.


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  • Don says:

    How profound, Ive often woundered if I would ever relize my purpose in life. Ive been right here all along. Looking forward to get a lifes plan, or help with.
    Sincerely D. Williams

  • Katie Michelle Miller says:

    I am so glad I found your site. Amazing.

  • Gloria Black says:

    Yes I have always been seeking a purpose and have yet to find it. Free help would be real good.

  • Vicky says:


  • Michael Simon says:

    I feel we all have this human propensity to try to define ourselves and others. So that we can be comfortable. As a part of our survival mechanisms we seek that most comfortable place. However it induces complacency. When I embrace the concept that my past is a tool in my hand for the present and stop surrendering to my primitive pathology I can break through the cycle. Quantum physics proves that through the simple actually of observing a phenomenon, the outcome is changed. By setting an expectation for others, are we also creating a path for them to follow? I sometimes worry about reading the horoscope in that reading it may actually be creating an outcome, when that should remain open and infinite. Are we limiting our possibilities with or perceptions!? We can transcend all through love I believe… Love drives out all fear. The basis of all my most primitive action is base out of fear. So in loving more purely… I am evolving!

  • Annie says:

    Thank you,what you have said is wonderful thank you thank you

  • Mary says:

    Life is what we make of it.

  • Sabrina says:

    Very Inspiring to assist me with second half of life goals

    • Daniel Budzinski says:

      Your welcome Sabrina! I’d love to hear what you think about our online course at PioneerPurpose.com I think youd love it and it would bless you a lot. The first two lessons are completely free!

  • Vikki says:

    Thank you

  • Deb says:

    I knew it all along, it’s all about me

    • Daniel Budzinski says:

      YES YES YES 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wanna invite you to something! I’d love to hear what you think about our online course at PioneerPurpose.com I think youd love it and it would bless you a lot. The first two lessons are completely free!

  • Leah says:

    What you’ve said here just changed my route and path that I was taking. Thank you, sincerely, thank you!

    • Daniel Budzinski says:

      Thanks Leah. I appreciate that. I think if you enjoyed this, I’d love to hear what you think about our online course at PioneerPurpose.com I think youd love it and it would bless you a lot. The first two lessons are completely free!

  • Sayno names says:

    It help me

  • Ahmad says:

    I’ve always known i had been created for an amazing purpose

    • Daniel Budzinski says:

      You have been! You said the word purpose! You should check out my online school theirs a bunch of free resources here and you can sign up for the first two lessons for free at pioneerpurpose.com

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