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So much information nowadays is coming out about restorative justice or what others call restorative practice. In this blog you’re going to learn what it is, why its important and a few solutions that could work for yourself, your school and students to ensure that you align with the new law and the standards it will hold you to it.

If you asked school leadership, “are you covered and meeting the requirements around restorative justice with your school?” Many would answer “no.” So many superintendents and leaders are not ready for the law that is passed around the practices needed for disciplinary actions to be restorative. Many of them do not know much about the law and what is needed to cover them, how to train or what the practice entitles.

Look at this incredible article for the steps to implement.


Restorative Justice aka RJ is the approach to address disciplinary situations and conflict with the focus to restore and heal rather than just simply punish. It meets many needs one in particular is the ability to keep kids in schools considering students with his suspension or disciplinary pasts will altogether leave and dropout of high school.

People are realizing that throwing a kid in the corner is as effective as trashing your car when you need an oil change…


Often students take on the form and personality of their reputation. Students going through a hard season of their life or maybe hanging out with the wrong crew for to long can position their entire life down a downward and negative path and cycle. Restorative Justice treats students with the empathy, compassion and wisdom we would our own children. It takes them through the process of not just punishment but purpose. The goal is to create a connection and relationship with the student which dictates responsibility and expectations to be met to sustain the connection the student has with community and school leadership.

Engaging students at the heart level is what keeps them refreshed and developing. Developing their mind instead of just disciplining them is the true way to change the way they live. It’s helping motivate their attitude and inspire their change rather than simply putting them down a dead end road.


Restorative Justice isn’t a program its a lifestyle. Although their are and will be programs and we will discuss one of them being used in districts it is first a mentality to be adopted school wide. It is best that the program when implemented be school wide with daily practices for the school to handle misconduct with a formal practice. Restorative justice is about teaching young people how to be better leaders, people and treat other human beings well.

A company called Purpose Prep ( has developed an on the school resource that is easy and practical for RJ. It is an online solution that covers 100s of topic areas for student restoration to inspire change with the actions and heart of a student. Purpose Prep creates online and blended course offerings for schools and districts in personal, leadership, career and innovation development categories. They are a cutting edge organization that is developing the future of e-learning and learning in general as a landscape that inspires schools, leadership teachers, staff, students and parents.

Their restorative practice piece is a double dip that is helping save districts and schools $1,000s upon $1,000s of dollars. Their courses are aligned to the common core standards and they assist with credit recovery, summer school, elective course offerings and helping truly prepare students to be purposefully successful.

To learn more click over to their site and read up on them or send them an email at

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